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General information

The Royal Netherlands Navy Yacht Club owns a marina on the Bevesierweg in Den Helder on the east side of Harssens Peninsula. The marina is supplied with all necessary facilities such as WiFi, the ability to refuel, processing of waste water and a modern sanitary complex. You can also wash and dry your clothes. Our marine has been awarded the international quality label 'Blue Flag'. This means our marina meets all strict environmental and safety requirements. Drinks and the traditional Netherlands Navy dish ‘Blue Hap’ are being served in our clubhouse next to the marina daily from 5 PM.

Opening hours

Half April - late Oktober:
Open daily from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Late Oktober - early April:
Harbor Office closed.

Guests should report to the harbourmaster in the light green boathouse situated next to the gangway to shore. Outside office hours you can occupy a free berth.

Berthing fees

In 2023 the rate will be € 2.10 per meter of length per day. This amount includes the use of sanitary facilities for all crew members, water and WiFi. The tourist tax rate is € 1.38 per person per day. Prices include VAT.

Payment of the harborfee can be done with the paymentenvelopes in the green postbox.

Best times for departure to

Scheveningen and IJmuiden
1 hour after high tide Den Helder

Den Oever
6 hours before high tide Harlingen

Harlingen and Kornwerderzand
6 hours after high tide Harlingen

Vlieland and Terschelling
Via Harlingen: 5 hours before high tide Harlingen
Via Inschot: 3 hours before high tide Harlingen
Via North Sea: 4.5 hours after high tide Den Helder

2-5 hours before high tide Den Helder

Tidal streams

Outgoing stream: untill 4.5 hours before high tide Den Helder
Ingoing stream: until 0.5 hours after high tide Den Helder


VHF-channel: 31
Telefone: +31 (0)6 5100 75 28 / +31 (0)889 56 12 50

Ambulance services: 112
Navy security: 0031 (0)223 65 55 55 in case of emergency opening of the gate is required
Military police: 0031 (0)223 65 94 00

Naval fire brigade: 0031 (0)223 65 22 22

General practitionersioner (daytime hours): 0031 (0)223 67 04 70
General practitionersioner (outside working hours): 0031 (0)223 67 04 44

A&E Noordwest hospital 0031 (0)223 69 69 69


Due to stricter access control of the Navy, you have to sign in at the KMJC harbor office before you leave the Marina. If you fail to do so, your access to the Marina might be denied and you will not be able to return to your ship.